We strive to make the nation a happier place through the power of accessories.

Founded in October 2015, Made Lifestyle Collection has been privately owned and operated by Television Producer and Award-Winning Photographer Chuck Holliday. With a keen eye, Holliday was able to identify a missing part of the Men’s Accessories market by creating Ready to Wear Fragrance and Business Casual Accessories for Professional Men in the white & blue collar space.

Chuck Holliday is no stranger to the fashion industry, having worked with a variety of media platforms including Z!nk Magazine, Bullet Magazine, Glamour, Fashion Week Online, Vanity Fair and The New Yorker.

Made (Measuring And Defining Evolution) Lifestyle Collection is inspired by the Prohibition-era with a fresh, modern twist based on attainable, affordable and impeccable style.  The “Made Man” is confident, powerful and bold with his style choices.  He isn’t afraid to stand out in a crowd.

The LC in Made LC is an ode to Association Football (New York City FC, Charlotte FC, Liverpool F.C.).


Our team has one goal: to help you style better without spending a fortune. The pocket square and tie collections are sewn and produced in-house by Chuck, so every item comes with our seal of approval. The fragrance collection is formulated and produced in-house by Chuck using 25% fragrance concentration.

Our prices may be affordable, but we never cut corners on quality. We bring everyday value going direct to consumer, so you can be confident that our products will stand up to any premium brand.

Serving our customers has been our number #1 priority. Whether it’s styling advice for an interview or finding that perfect pocket square to compliment your suit, we’re always here to help.


Made Lifestyle Collection’s Fragrance division is a celebration of the prestige inside every man. From every batch made is a magnetic fragrance rich in the confidence and attitude of today’s modern man.

Style is characterized by the notes in a timeless scent. Attitude is defined by the long-lasting impression each spray leaves behind.

A good cologne is that final finishing touch to your daily routine or just before a night out. People wear cologne for many reasons; to boost self-confidence, to highlight individuality or even to evoke certain memories and experiences. Whatever the reason, wearing cologne is considered a fashion must-have.


“I wanted to create something for men so that they could feel confident about dressing up and presenting their best selves to the world, while focusing on the accessories that compliments the focus in fashion.

I also wanted to give men of all ages a non-traditional option of accessories for both business and casual attire.You can be stylish without being stuffy.

Life has infinite lanes, which is the beauty about accessories and accenting attire. There are no limits.”